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America's Most Wanted

February 7, 1988: AMW debuts on the seven FOX-owned-and-operated stations (New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles). TV Crime-fighting really works!: February 11, 1988: Four days later, AMW marks its first capture as the FBI announces the arrest of one of its 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, David James Roberts, in New York City, as a direct result of viewer tips to the program. Another Top Ten Fugitive Nabbed: May 29, 1988: FBI Director William Sessions appears on AMW to announce three new additions to the FBI Top Ten List, one of whom is caught within 24 hours of his announcement.
Mass Murderer Captured: May 7, 1989: AMW makes international news with the capture of New Jersey mass murderer, John Emil List, at-large for nearly 20 years.

Presidential Honors: April 25, 1990: AMW Host John Walsh is honored by President Bush at a White House ceremony for his work on behalf of crime victims and missing children. Once Lost, Now Found: May 10, 1990: AMW helps recover it's first missing child, Nicole Ravesi, and aids in the arrest of her abductor, Kenneth Cole, her former babysitter. Outstanding Civilian Honors: October 5, 1991: FBI honors John Walsh with its highest civilian award "The Louise E. Peters Memorial Service Award", presented by the FBI and the Society of Former Agents of the FBI. An Old Case Finally Solved: April 14, 1993: William White Graham, an accused cop killer and revolutionary terrorist, surrenders under the pressure of new leads generated by his profile on AMW after 20 years on the run. It becomes the oldest case ever solved by the program.

400th Capture Special: February 3, 1996: AMW celebrates its 400th capture. Yehia Badawi, who police say robbed a Pennsylvania supermarket and then opened fire at cops once they spotted him, was taken down as a direct result of his profile on America's Most Wanted. There's No Place Like Home: May 25, 1996: AMW broadcasts one of its greatest and proudest accomplishments; a reunion of the 20 children whom the show has helped recover. The "End": September 21, 1996: Two months after FOX announces its cancellation, AMW airs what it believes to be its final show. For the first time since the show has been on the air, John Walsh profiles the tragic murder of his six-year-old son, Adam.

You Asked For It " You Got It ": November 9, 1996: Following the cancellation of AMW, an outpouring of support from governors, law enforcement officials and viewers changes FOX's plans and the nation's number-one crime-fighting show returned to the airways and kicked off its "debut" by capturing Alan Eugene White just 30 minutes after the show aired. Serial Killer On The Loose: May 10, 1997: AMW is the first to bring the search for alleged serial killer Andrew Cunanan nationwide. He was profiled six times on AMW before his body was found on a house-boat in Miami Beach, Fla., reportedly a suicide. John Walsh and his crew were on the scene when the discovery was made. Walsh was the only member of the media who was allowed to enter the crime scene. International Manhunt a Success: July 7, 1997: Accused pedophile, Kenneth D'Cunha, is captured after viewer tips lead police to New Zealand. D'Cunha was sought by police for his involvement in a sex ring with underage boys. Ironically, D'Cunha, an Orthodontist, was turned in by another orthodontist who remembered D'Cunha's name from an AMW episode.

Ten Years and Stronger Than Ever: September 6, 1997: AMW's season premiere kicks off it's ten years on FOX. After a decade on the network, AMW is rapidly approaching it's 500th direct result capture and has reunited nearly two dozen missing children with their loved ones. AMW's Fastest Capture: September 20, 1997: Jack and Mona Volgares were wanted for the murder of Mona's eight-year-old daughter, Saleana Gamble. The couple were arrested and their other three children recovered just 29 minutes after their segment aired. AMW Captures 500th Fugitive: January 28, 1998: The Black Widow, Amy DeChant becomes AMW's 500th capture. DeChant was wanted for murdering her boyfriend, a wealthy Las Vegas gambler. When authorities finally caught up with DeChant they couldn't believe where she chose to "hide-out." Amy DeChant was arrested in a nudist colony in Florida.

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